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Adorabella's Hack with a Store-bought T-Shirt

Appliquéing, How to for Active Wear, Pagent Wear, and More!

Apron, Doll

Apron, Wide Pocket

Adaptive Sewing, Feeding Tube Pocket

Adjustable Waist Using Buttonhole Elastic

Amorette's Lovely Knot Dress Reversible Apron Hack

Arm Cuffs, Lovely Lace


Bag Pattern, Free Tote

Belinda's Upcycle Using Button-Up

Berkley's Upcycle Using Button-Up

Bias Stripes, Turning Straight Striped Fabric to

Bias Tape, Make Your Own Custom (with Video)

Bib, Bandana

Bib, Tie-On Bias Tape Baby

Bible Cover DIY

Blanket, Batman

Bodice Overlay Tutorial

Bonnet, Bath

Bonnet, Floppy

Bonnet, Raeanne's Fast Fat Quarter

Bonnet, Winter Pixie

Boutique Basics: Compliance

Boutique Basics: How to Watermark Photos

Bow, Back-to-School Hair

Bow, Beautiful Cross Hair

Bow, Gift Style Hair

Bow, Glitter Hair

Bow, Ruffled Wavy Fabric Hair

Bow, Shark Hair

Bow, Studded Hair

Bowl Cozy

Briar's Modified: Bodice Ruffle and Crop Top

Brock's Embellishment: Creating a Varsity Letter

Buttons (Faux) Using Sew-On Snaps

Buttons Tutorial, Fabric Covered


Canvas Prints Tutorial

Car Seat Canopy and Nursing Cover, Knit Fabric

Cell Phone Holder, Charging

Chantelle's Hack for a New Look

Choker Necklace Tutorial

Chiffon Rosette Tutorial

Christmas Card Display

Christmas Stocking, Mermaid Tail

Christmas tree Skirt, Mini

Chrysalis' Cardigan Crochet Trim Tutorial

Coasters, Cozy's Fabric

Coffee Break Maxi Skirt, Free Pattern

Coin Bank Tutorial, Unicorn

Collar, Tie-On Glitz

Coordinating Outfits, Tips for

Corset Kit DIY

Costume: Kid's Belt and Satchel Tutorial

Costume: Mummy

Costume: Pumpkin

Costume: Shoe Covers

Costume: Superhero Wrist Cuffs

Costume: Yarn Wig

Crayon Case, Unicorn

Crochet: Beginner Video

Crochet: Bracelets

Crochet: Fall Harvest (Granny Square)

Crochet: Getting Started

Crochet: Kaya's Cloche Hat

Crochet: Ornament

Crochet: Santa hat

Crochet: Scrappy Mowhawk Hat

Crochet: Shell Topped Boot Cuffs

Crop Top Hack: Turn Any Pattern Into a Crop Top

Cross Stitch, Christmas Tree

Cross Stitch, How-To Video

Cross Stitch, Pumpkin Patch

Cross Stitch, Q Snap Cover Tutorial

Curtain or Valance, Sewing a

Cut Files, Back to School

Cut File, "Daddy's Other Chick"

Cut Files, Everyday "Heroes" Badges

Cut Files, Halloween

Cut Files, How to Weed

Cut Files, Jack-o-Lantern Vinyl

Cut File, "Merry & Bright"

Cut File, Shark Week

Cut File, Teacher

Cut File, "You're My Missing Piece"

Cutting Fabric: Fussy Cutting Tutorial

Cutting Fabric: How to Get the Most Out of Your Fabric

Cutting Machines Comparison: Cameo vs. Circuit


Dance Skirt, Knit Scrapbuster

Danika's Mod: Turning it into a Yukata

Della's Mod: Adding Bodice Trim and Bow

Distressing Denim Tutorial

Dolls, Gladiator Sandals Tutorial for

Dolls, Witch's Broom for

Dopp Kit Travel Case

Drawstring, Adding to Pants Tutorial

Drawstring Waist, Turning an Elastic Waist into

Dress Free Pattern, Kambria's Stripwork


Earrings, Shrinky Dink 

Elastic Belt Tutorial

Elastic Tutorial: Using Elastic for Faux Shirring or Gathering

Elastic Types and How to Use Them

Eleanor's Mod for Box Pleat

Elf Collar Tutorial

Embellished Suspenders for Girls

Embellishing a Sailor Collar

Embellishment, Knit Ruffle Flower

Embellishment, Lace Inset

Embellishment, Ribbon Flower

Embroidery Dog Bone, In-The-Hoop

Evie's Mod: Making it Maternity

Eye Mask Tutorial


Feeding Tube Pocket, Adaptive Sewing

Felt Christmas Tree and Snowman Travel Set

Felt Flower Wall Hanging

Felt Pumpkins

Floor Cushion, Log Slice

Flowers, Roll Hem

Flutter Sleeve into Double Flutter Sleeve

Freya's Mod: Turn it into a Tankini

Fringe, How to Make your Own

Friendship Bracelet, Braided Ribbon

Friendship Bracelet Tutorial, Fabric

Fur, Tips for Sewing with

Fussy Cutting Tutorial


Gathering with a Serger

Gift Card Holder

Gigi's Tube Top, Free Pattern

Grocery Bag Dispenser, Upcycled


Haircutting Cape with Ties

Hair Clip, Fabric Pokeball

Halloween: Upcycled T-shirt to Trick-or-Treat Bag

Hat, Chef's

Hat, Elf

Hat, Mini Felt Witch

Hat, Mini Top

Headband, Floral Unicorn

Headband, Lace Bunny Ears

Headband, Reversible Woven

Headband, Wide Stretchy Knit

Hooded Bath Towel Tutorial

Horsehair Braid Trim, How to Apply

Hospital Gown Pattern, Kids

Hospital Gown Pattern, Stuffed Animal


Ice Cream Pint Cozy

Ice Dye Fabric, How to

Infinity Scarf Pattern, Girls

Instant Pot Fabric Cover

Iron, How to Clean Your

Iron On Studs Tutorial


Jasmine's Upcycle: Turn a T-shirt into Pants or Shorts

Journal Cover Tutorial

Jonah's Mod: Embellishing the Sailor Collar


KAM Snap, Fabric Cover How-to

Kambria's Dress, Free Pattern

Knee Pads, Nirvana

Knit Pane When It's Too Smalll, How to use a


Lace Crowns

Lace Hems Tutorial

Laminated Cotton: Tips for Sewing and How to Make Your Own

Layers: How to Use and Print

Legwarmers. Lila's Lace

Leslie's Mod: Layered Fringe Tank

Libby's Mod: Adding a Second Circle Layer

Lifestyle: Creating a Schedule

Lyric's Mod: Convert into a T-Shirt


Mash Two or More Patterns, How to

Maggie's Mod: Fox and Raccoon Dresses

Makeup Pouch, Zippy Lips

Mary's Mod: Making it Reversible

Measuring Mat for Cutting, DIY

Mermaid Newborn Photoshoot Set

Modesty Panel, How to Add a

Monster Softies

Mouse Ears, Minerva's


Napkins, Christmas Tree

Nap Mat Cover

Necklace, Fringe

Nursing Cover and Car Seat Canopy, Knit Fabric

Nursing Pillow Cover


Off The Shoulder Dress Tutorial

Ornament, Fabric Pinecone

Ornament, Gingerbread Man

Ornament, Gnome

Ornament, Ribbon Tree

Ornament, Yo-Yo Snowman

Owen's Mod: Embellishing the Sailor Collar


Paci, Vampire

Painting a Leotard and Cut File for Scales Template

Painting Watercolor on Fabric

Patches, How to Sew On

Paxlynn's Mod: Making It Sleeveless

Pencil Pouch, Unicorn

Pet Chicken Bonnet and Dress, Little Red's

Pet, Hammock

Pet Kerchief

Phone Pouch, Hands-Free

Pillow, Christmas Stocking

Pillow, Conversation Heart

Pillow, Patchwork Scotty Dog

Pillow, Patriotic Flag

Pillow, Unicorn Neck

Pillowcase Lounging Bed

Piping, How to Make Your Own

Placemat, Quilt as you Go

Placemat with Silverware Holder

Placket, Adding to a Knit Outfit

Pokeball, Fabric

Pokeball Hair Clip, Fabric Flower

Pompom Tutorial & Wreath

Pot Holder and Towel Set

Pre-Wash Fabric, Should You

Printable: Cleaning Schedule

Printable: Kids Wardrobe Checklist

Printable: Pinning Labels

Printable: Serger Settings

Printable: Sewing-Themed Valentine's

Puppets, Nativity Hand

Purse, Big & Bold Bow Clutch

Purse, Fringe


Quibbler's Table Runner Shark Week Hack


Rayna's Romper Hack Adding Button-Up Back

Rosetta's Mod: Make without the Neck Ruffle


Sash, Detachable Bow

Sash, How to Turn a

Sash Tutorial, Over-Sized

Scrunchie, Bow

Scrunchie, DIY

Serger Technique: Gathering with a Serger

Serging 101: How to Finish a Rolled Hem

Serging 101: How to Serge Knit Fabric

Sewing 101: How to Hem

Sewing 101: Starting to Sew

Sewing 101: Supplies you Really Need

Sewing 101: Threading the Machine

Sewing Technique: Adding Fringe

Sewing Technique: Adding Gathered Lace Trim

Sewing Technique: Adding Piping to Sleeves and Hems

Sewing Technique: Attaching a Knit Neckband

Sewing Techniques: Attaching Sleeves and Collars

Sewing Techniques: Clipping Seam Corners and Curves

Sewing Technique: How to Finish the Seams as You Sew

Sewing Technique: How to Hem a Curved Edge on a Sewing Machine

Sewing Technique: How to Hide a Bodice Seam in the Lining

Sewing Technique: How to Understitch and How it Differs from Topstitching

Shoelaces, Fabric

Shopping Cart Handle Fabric Cover

Shower Cap

Skylan's Adult Hack, Formal Occasion

Sleep Mask, Unicorn

Snowball Fight In a Bag

Stock Photo Usage Policy for CKC

Storage: How to Fold-Roll Knit Fabric

Stuffed Animal, How to Repair

Stuffie, Gingerbread Man

Sybil's Mod: Embellishing Sailor Collar


Table Runner, Reversible Stripwork

Tailoring: How to "Take In" a Top or Dress

Tailoring: How to Slim Skinny Pants

Thread Art: Pumpkin

Tic Tac Toe, Unicorn

Towel and Pot Holder Set

Troubleshooting: Knit Neckbands

Tumbler Sock


Understitching and How it Differs from Topstitching

Upcycling Jeans to Boutique Shorts

Upcycling Leotard Using a Store-bought T-Shirt

Upcycling Onesie to a 3-Piece Set

Upcycling Men's Button-Up Shirt to Belinda's

Upcycling Men's Button-Up Shirt to Berkley's

Upcycling (Adult) Pants into Kids Pants

Upcycling T-Shirt to a Flutter Sleeve

Upcycling T-Shirt to a Keepsake Pillow

Upcycling T-Shirt to Jasmine's Shorts or Pants

Uriah's Training Underoos, Free Pattern


Valance or Curtain, Sewing a

Vera's Mod: Making a Casual Version

Vinyl on Fabric, How-to Iron


Wallet, Bi-fold

Wanda's Raglan Bodysuit, Sleeveless Hack

Weeding Cut Files Tutorial

Willa's Wrap Pants Hack into a Romper

William's Suspender Mod: Embellishing for Girls

William's Vest, Adding a Pocket and Pocket Square

William's Vest Alternative Construction

William's Vest: How to Iron the Armholes

Wireless Ear Pods Case

Wreath, No-Sew Shabby Chic

Wreath, Rolled Wrapping Paper




Zipper Tutorial, Exposed Lace

Zipper, How to Shorten a

Zippers, How to Sew