Conversation Heart Pillow

Conversation Heart Pillow

Last week we showed you how to use iron-on vinyl to personalize your outfits.  Today we're going to teach you a similar, but not-so-similar, technique that also turns out AMAZING.  It's called "Deco Foil" and it can give you a shiny foil look to your projects. Not only that, but with today's tutorial we are also including the free pattern for our adorable and timely Conversation Heart Pillow! 

Isn't it perfect?!  What a fun way to decorate your house or make as a gift for that special someone. The pillow even has a side strip that makes it 3D like a real conversation heart, plus ruffles on both the top and bottom edges: 

Isn't that yummy?!  

Our baby pattern designer, Leah, is pretty amazing at all things ruffly, and I give her full and entire credit for today's tutorial! I even love that her pillow is totally lovey dovey, without even being pink or red. (Not that I have anything against those colors.)  Anyway, now that you're all excited to make your own pillow, here you go:

Of course you can make the heart pillow without using the deco foil too.  No rules here -- it's your project!  We hope you have as much fun with this as we did! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen