Everything You Need to Know About CKC's Projector Files

Posted by Jessica Coe, Lindsey Krstic, Ashley Merritt on 8th Nov 2022

Everything You Need to Know About CKC's Projector Files

CKC has HUGE news to share with you and we are over the moon about this announcement. We are excited to share that CKC will begin to include projector files with the new pattern releases!!!

If you are unfamiliar with sewing with a projector let me say it is amaaaaazing! Projectors cut down on time by allowing you to project a pattern directly onto fabric without the need of printing and taping the pattern pieces together. You can effortlessly use layers to display the size you are making and even grade between sizes.

Our projector files will include:

  • Bold lines and clear bold font
  • Pieces all facing the direction of stretch/ the direction of the grainline
  • Pattern pieces unfolded with optional fold lines and
  • Scaling grid
  • Positioning layer for pieces that exceed projected field
  • Layered file allows you to hide the sizes you are not making

As CKC continues to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the sewing community, we look forward to including more projector files with our patterns. Here are a few questions and answers about projector files.

Q: Will all patterns include projector files?

We will incorporate projector files with new releases and will continue to update older patterns with projector files. To find patterns with projector files use the filter on the website to see projector files.

Q: What about older patterns? Will they have projector files?

Our goal is to eventually include projector files for older patterns. With thousands of wonderful CKC patterns this will take time as you can imagine.

Q: I don’t have a projector.  Will I still be able to use CKC Patterns?

Of course!  If you do not have a projector, you will still receive the same high-quality PDF patterns you are used to. Projector files are for those that sew with projectors, and they will now be included with select patterns.

Q: What about the AO Copy shop file. Will I still have access to that?

The Copy Shop file will still be included. Again, we are adding a projector file, but we are not taking away any of the files you are used to receiving when purchasing a CKC pattern.

Q: What happens when an older pattern gets updated with a projector file? Will the pattern be the same? Will I have to pay to get the projector file if I’ve already purchased the pattern.

You can simply redownload the pattern with the included projector file.  When an older pattern is updated with a projector file the pattern will not change. We will simply include the projector file. 

Q:  How will I know how to use a projector file?

If you have a home projector and use projector files regularly, it will most likely not feel that different!  However, there is a Read Me file attached to every projector file, and also available here, for your convenience.

We are so thrilled to be adding this change and hope it reaches even more sewists around the world!  Questions