Hannah's Pillowcase Bubble Romper

Posted by Shannon on 24th Jun 2024

Hannah's Pillowcase Bubble Romper

This post was originally made and posted on May 2, 2012. Since then, has been purchased by The free patterns are no longer available to be downloaded. This pattern can now be

It's up! It's up! In case you missed it last night on facebook we sneaky-peeked May's free pattern.... And then a customer informed us that it's actually already up so I guess it was a not-so-sneaky-peek after all. lol.

In case you are new to CKC and have NO idea what this "free pattern thing" that I'm talking about is, then here's the scoop: We have partnered up with and are making exclusive patterns for THE who will then be offering them on their website FREE for everyone! Isn't that nice of them?  If you don't know who is, girl, you have been missing out! is the place to buy fabrics from for a great price! They have all the best newly released designer fabrics, tons of novelty and character prints, and the best apparel fabrics. Tiffany and I stalk their website and purchase from them regularly. We will be creating 6 patterns a year for if they do well so tell them how much you love your Create Kids Couture patterns--and again, they will all be exclusive to and be available on their website only FOREVER! 

Introducing Hannah's Pillowcase Romper; our second pattern for and it is a classic CKC design. We took the pillowcase dress that everyone loves and the rompers that are SO popular this season and mixed them together to create the Pillowcase Romper. Your little one will be stylin' this summer! Best of all though, we created so many variations you won't be able to choose how to make it first! 

Charlotte is modeling one with elastic in the legs, the BIG bow neck tie, and the regular sash. 

Natalie is modeling one with shirred legs, the skinny neck tie, and the shirred sash. But you could totally make it with the BIG bow neck tie or the regular sash or the elastic legs. 

Or maybe with NO sashes. Period. The possibilities with this romper are sky high! 

Get on over to to download our second pattern through them. It's a keeper. In fact, bookmark THIS page so you can have a direct link to all of's free PDF patterns. If you are new to Create Kids Couture, thanks for stopping by! You can check out more of our patterns that are available for purchase and download them instantly HERE. You can also find us on Facebook HERE where you can stay up-to-date on all the patterns we're working on now and be the first to know when we have special deals on our website!

Shout-outs to Riley Blake Designs for creating the amazing Indian Summer line that we used, also, Positively Whimsy and Blooming Hairlooms for the adorable hair accessories that we had on hand!

Hope you all love the pattern as much as we do!
Happy Sewing!
Shannon and Tiffany