Zippy Lips Makeup Pouch

Zippy Lips Makeup Pouch

 Valentine's Day is coming up and that means lots of hearts, confetti, chocolates, and of course... shiny red lips!  Today's free project can be used for storing and packing around all kinds of little things! For us, it will be my daughter's dance makeup.  Every time we head off for a performance I worry that her special colors will get lost in her bag, or my bag, or somewhere in between.  But now I will worry no more! 

Now we have a zipper pouch made just for her makeup!  How cute is this for all year 'round, and especially Valentine's Day?  I can't wait to show her when she gets home -- she's going to freak when she sees how cute it is!  And more importantly, when we leave for her dance performance at the big game tonight, we can throw the pouch into her bag and not worry about it disappearing.

But enough about us!  Our YOU ready to make a Zippy Lips Makeup Pouch of your own?  Let's get started!

Supplies Needed:

Red or Pink fabric -- Scraps or 1/4 yard 
Heavy 1-side Fusible Interfacing -- (I used Pellon 71F) Scraps or 1/4 yard 
Zipper --  9" or longer (it will be trimmed) 
Printed Template Pieces* -- Click here to download

*Note that the finished size of the pouch is approx. 3.5" x 6.75", which was perfect for us. If you want your pouch to be bigger, simply print the pieces at a higher percentage setting.  

Step 1:  Print out the template pieces. Use them to cut out the fabric and interfacing. When you're done, your pieces should look something like the photos above! 

Use an iron to adhere the interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the fabric pieces. Be sure to follow the package instructions. (I used a damp ironing cloth for the Pellon 71F.) 

Take the two front lip pieces.  On the two straight edges, use a zigzag stitch or a serger to finish the two raw edges only, as shown in yellow above. 

Then place the lip pieces right sides together, matching the straight edges as shown above.  Using a long basting stitch, sew across the straight edges using a 3/8" seam allowance, as shown in blue.  You will be removing these stitches later so don't back stitch at the beginning or end! 

Open out the pieces so they look like lips. On the back side, flatten out the seam allowances and use an iron to press them until they're very flat, as shown above.  

The front of your lips should look like this. 

Bring out your zipper and check to make sure it's wider than the width of your lips seam.  

With the wrong side of the lips and the zipper facing up, begin pinning the zipper to the back of the lips. You want the center of the zipper to go right down the center seam of the lips. Place a pin on both sides of the zipper so it can't slide out of place.  The end of the zipper should reach well past the lips. After placing the top two pins, your project should look like the photo above. 

As you continue pinning across the zipper, be sure to check and make sure the center of the zipper stays lined up with the center seam, as shown above. 

When you're done, you should have pins all along both sides of the zipper.  (The zipper pull should be off the end for now so it's not in the way of sewing. Note that it's on the far right of the photo above.) 

This is what your lips and zipper should look like in front at this point. 

Now you're ready to sew the zipper in place!  Use a zipper foot on your machine so you can sew closely to the edge of the zipper.  Begin at one end and sew straight across to the other, removing the pins on one side as you go.  Then repeat on the other side of the zipper.   (If you don't have a zipper foot, sew as closely as you can and make sure it catches the seam underneath.) 

When you're done, your zipper should be firmly attached to the back of the lips. 

On the front of the lips, use a seam ripper to remove the basting stitches you made down the center earlier.  They should come out easily. 

Open the zipper to make sure it works properly.  If there are any problems, such as fabric sewn unevenly that will get caught in the zipper pull, go back and fix it before continuing. Your project should look like the photo above at this point. 

Now this step is VERY important! Move your zipper pull to the center of the lips. Then on both ends of the lips, you need to sew a "zipper stop" to block the zipper from going off the lips.  To do this, use the zigzag stitch on your machine to sew back and forth across the end of the zipper, with the lips insert into your machine as shown above (vertically).  The needle should zigzag back and forth *across* the zipper at that point, repeatedly until there is a thick stopper formed by the threads.  See photo above.  The zipper stop will not be able to zip past the upper stitches now. 

Do the same on both ends of the lips, so you have a stopper at each end, just within the point of the lips. 

Making sure you have the zipper pull on the lips, you are now ready to trim off the excess zipper. (Again, don't cut off the zipper pull!)   When you are done trimming, the front of your lips should look like the photo above. 

Now it's time to grab your other lips piece so you can put them together! 

Match the two lips pieces with right sides together. They should match up pretty evenly. If you happened to have gotten the front and back swapped around (like I did!) when you ironed the interfacing, they may not match up perfectly.  

(I designed the lips to be slightly asymmetrical and cute, but then I ironed mine to the wrong side. Oops.) So if yours don't match up perfectly, just match them the best you can and they will turn out fine! 

Sew around the lips using a 1/2" seam allowance.  This will work best if you start on one side and sew across the top curves, pivoting at the center point, and end at the other side.  Then start again on the side and sew around the bottom curves, ending on the other side.  This will give the zipper a little more stability.  Note that if you have a wide or metal zipper, you may need to help skip your needle over the teeth of the zipper!  To do this, slightly lift the presser foot, slide the fabric where it needs to go, and then lower the presser foot again and proceed to sew on the other side.  If you're not sure where the zipper is in relation to your needle, it is safest to check by hand-cranking your machine slowly; that way you can stop it and readjust before going in.  You don't want to break your needle! (Note: No needles were harmed in the making of this project. It's really not scary at all if you're careful.) 

After your two layers are sewn in place all around the edges,  trim the edges to about 1/4" all around.  Cut clips in the seam allowance of the curves. Clip out small triangles to reduce bulk after you turn it. Be very careful not to clip the stitching though!  

Just to be safe, go back and redo your zipper stops again. They may have come loose or moved during trimming. It's very important for the zipper stops to be sturdy! 

 Now you're ready to open up the zipper all the way and turn your pouch right side out!  Use a chopstick to help shape the bulky seams into the lip shape as shown above. Use an iron to make the edges nice and crisp if necessary.  Check to make sure your zipper can close. At first it may seam a little stubborn from the stiffness of the interfacing, but between the iron and a little time, it will relax. Trust me!   

That's it, you're done! Now you can fill it up with makeup or money, or even legos (little brother just took over) or whatever you want!  I hope you adore your zippy pouch as much as we do! It's the perfect size to be thrown into your purse or backpack, never to be lost again.   

And remember, if you want to make a bigger pouch, you can always print the pieces at a higher percentage setting. Enlarging works fine as long as you do it to both pages! 

Stay tuned for more Valentine's Day projects coming up soon!

Let's Create! ~ Kristen