12 Days of Christmas 2022:  Sugar Plum's Fabric Treat Dish

12 Days of Christmas 2022: Sugar Plum's Fabric Treat Dish

"The children were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads..."

This sweet little treat dish is so fast and fun and I have a million ideas how to use the ones I have made!  For starters, my children's 10 teachers are each getting one with a loaf of cranberry bread inside! (I love personal and fast teacher presents like this!)  Its the perfect size to have by the front door to throw your keys into.  And today, my son showed me just how cute one looks in his play kitchen (it made the felt donuts and plastic cupcakes look delectable!)

With so much cuteness and utility at stake, lets get started!

You will need:

1.  2 coordinating fabric rectangles that measure 9X14"

2.  One sided fusible foam interfacing (I used Pellon FF78F1 Flex Foam), cut to a 9x14" rectangle

3.  One sided fusible craft-weight interfacing, cut to a 9x14" rectangle

4.  30" of 1/2" wide double fold bias tape

Let's Begin!

1.  I will refer to the inside of the treat dish as the "lining" and the outside of the treat dish as the "dish."  Begin by fusing the craft-weight interfacing to the lining and the foam interfacing to the dish, per the manufacturer's instructions.

2.  Cut a 2" square out of each of the corners of the lining.  Repeat with the dish.  You can discard the 2" squares.

3.  We will now finger press the lining along what will become the sides to our dish.  Fold the lining right sides together along all 4 sides and press with your fingers firmly.  This will help shape the dish later.

4.  You can also finger press the dish, but this time, you will want to fold it wrong sides together.

5.  Now we will join the corners of the lining and sew.  Line up each of the edges to the corners you cut out in step 2 and pin, right sides together.  Repeat this step with the dish as well.  The 2 pieces will begin to look 3 dimensional.

6.  Sew down the seams you just pinned for both the lining and the dish.

7.  Now turn the dish only, popping out the corners.  Keep the lining with the fabric on the inside facing up, as shown.

8.  Place the lining into the dish, wrong sides together.  Take care to line up the corner seams.  

9.  We will now take our bias tape and open it up completely.  Fold one of the short edges in about 1/2", as shown.  Then, beginning at a corner, pin or clip one raw edge of the bias tape around the lip of the lining, being sure to catch the lining and the dish in the pin or clip.  Continue all the way around the inside of the dish.

10.  When  you get to the end, you will have a small amount of overlap.  Simply continue around the circle.  Unlike the beginning of your bias tape, you will not fold this overlap over and it will remain a raw edge.

11.  Starting at the raw edge end of the bias tape, sew slightly above (but not in) the fold of the bias tape, going all the way around the dish, as shown in red.

12.  Now refold the bias tape and fold it all the way around the outside of the dish, pinning in place as you go.  Make sure to hide the existing seam created by sewing the bias tape to the lining of the dish.

13.  Sew all the way around the outside of the dish, a scant 1/8" from the edge of the folded lining.

You did it!

Come back tomorrow night for an awesome no-sew freebie!  We cannot wait to see what you create! Be sure to share with us in the CKC Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram!