12 Days of Christmas:  Chris Kringle's Checkerboard

12 Days of Christmas: Chris Kringle's Checkerboard

It's the 6th Day of Christmas and today is a gift that has gotta get under my tree!  Our amazing designer, Starr, brings us Chris Kringle's checkerboard, an easy and quick pieced gameboard for some guaranteed fun!

You and the kids are sure to love this classic game.  Chris Kringle features directions for the checkerboard, ideas for homemade checker pieces, and a tutorial for a pocket to hold the accessories.

I loved seeing how the testers for Chris Kringle's Checkerboard themed their games to match the interests of the children in their life, like this gameboard made by one of our sewists, Marichu, for a Harry-Potter loving kiddo!  Worthy of Wizard's Chess for sure!

When you are not playing, game pieces can be stored in the pocket and the entire game can be rolled up!

A box under the tree with new pajamas and Chris Kringle's Checkerboard could start a new family tradition!  Game night in jammies would be so much fun!

Download Chris Kringle's Checkerboard Here.

We cannot WAIT to see what you create!

--Meg and Starr