Quick and Easy Fleece Hat Pattern

Posted by Kristen Nelson on 15th Nov 2021

Quick and Easy Fleece Hat Pattern

I am pretty excited about today's free project, both because it is FREEZING outside here, and also because there are a bunch of fleece fabric sales going on this week for the holiday. What a perfect time for a cold weather fleece pattern!

I thought about making the construction of our fleece hat similar to that of Sammy's Slouchy Beanie for knit we did a couple years ago (find it here), but I decided to give this one a little more structure for the fleece. I think you'll also love that it is all one piece and that it can be made either as a slouchy hat or a tighter hat!


1/2 yard of fleece (makes two hats)

Sewing machine

Printed Pattern Piece (click here)

After cutting out the pattern piece, lay it on the fold of your fabric and pin in place. Cut around the pattern piece for the size you want to make. We have it labeled as Toddler, Tween, and Adult, but you will be best off using the head measurement that is also listed there.

Your hat piece should now look like the photo above. Lay it out on a flat surface with its right side facing up.

Fold each end in toward the center to where they meet in the middle, with right sides together. Two of the points should match the other two points at the top. See photo above. Pin the two outer curves together. Sew the pinned edges in place, as indicated in red above, using a 1/4" seam allowance for the slouchy hat or 1/2" seam allowance for a more fitted hat.

Fold the hat again so the remaining curves match up at the top. Pin in place and then sew as indicated in red, again using a 1/4" or 1/2" seam allowance.

With the hat still wrong side out, fold the bottom edge up 3" to 4" to the wrong side. Keep in mind that this is not the final fold of the hat. The final fold will be slightly smaller than the fold you are making right now.

Sew along the pinned edge, 1/4" from the edge, all the way around the hat.

Turn the hat right side out. Fold the bottom edge up to where you want it, keeping the stitching line you just made on the inside of the hat so that only the right side of the fabric shows on the outside.

If you'd like, you can sew the fold in place along either the top or bottom of the fold, or both. Or you can leave the fold loose so it is adjustable. I prefer leaving it loose for myself so I can refold each time, but my kiddos like it sewn in place.

Your hat is all ready to go! I made the slouchy version for my kiddo and he's quite happy with it.

As you go shopping for fleece, keep in mind that you can make four hats out of one yard of fleece. How cool is that?! Happy shopping and happy sewing!

Let's Create! ~ Kristen