2022 Bow Along: Scrapbuster Bow!

2022 Bow Along: Scrapbuster Bow!

Note from CKC:  We are so pleased to share this post, perfect for Valentine's Day and originally from 2013, as part of our "Bow Along Sew Along" . In 2022, we will be highlighting posts from our old blog, knowing that they will gain new life here. And we are so thrilled to be putting many of our bows on the blog this week!

Its been a while since I've done a scrap buster post. And after Melissa (a CKC pattern tester) from Three Dutch Divas shared a picture of a bow she made using the armpit cut out of a new pattern she was testing. I knew I needed to share this great idea with you.

OH and yes this picture is a sneak peek of a new pattern coming out in next few days. Your very welcome.

So anyway we all have a TON of these laying around and if your a true seamstress you know you don't toss them. Even if you don't know what to do with them. But now you use them to make matching fabric hairbows!!! AMAZING, I know!

So lets start by cutting off the curved ends or two of our "armpits" creating a small rectangle. Remember to save that small pieces for later.

Now with right sides together, sew along all four sides.

After you have sewn all around the rectangle. Take your seam ripper and make a small slit in the middle of ONE layer of fabric.

Next push all of the four corners though the small slit, flipping the rectangle right side out.

I like to use the back of my seam ripper to really make sure that all the corners are pushed out.

Now top stitch all along the outer edge of the rectangle. and steam it nice and flat.

We will now fold our fabric like a fan into fourths. And pin in place.

Now we will stitch down the center of the folded fabric and set it aside.

Next we take one of the bottom curve pieces that we sit aside in the 1st step and we fold it into 3rds like shown. and then top stitch down both sides.

Now its time to pull out the hot glue gun and start burning our finger tips. Starting with the bow, glue one side of the clip to the back of the bow. Then glue one end of out long piece on top of where we just glued the bow to the clip.

Wrap the fabric around the bow (gluing where needed) and back around to the back of the bow. Stopping where we left off. Snip the tail off and just like that. You have a sweet little fabric bow that matches your completed dress.

Happy sewing Y'all!